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We didn't allow ning? n type of illegal activity in our servers including swindles, Spamming (massive shipment of post office nonasked for) or illegal software. We did not accept any conduct that breaks laws, regulations, or you practice normally accepted in the community of Internet, although the same is not mentioned specifically in this document.

Lea kindly the present document, since in case of violating conscious or some t unconsciously? rmino contained in the same, we at any time reserved the right to deny or to cancel the service of any client without warning or reimbursement. and its director, Ing. Luis Pichardo exempt of any responsibility or obligation by damages or damages caused by the contents that the user places in his account of hosting.

This summary of the t? rminos and conditions of acceptable use only is one gu? to r? it asks, and it does not try to include nor to be exhaustive. For one explicaci? detailed n but of the t? do rminos of services of AtlassPort please read following secci? titled n €œdetails of the t? rminos and conditions on watch€.




This AGREEMENT is completely realised between (more down designated as €œAtlassPort€) and the champion or proprietor of the account of hosting/domain (more down designated as €œMember€)

WHEREAS CLAUSE THAT AtlassPort provides the service that it includes but it does not limit (Hosting), service of registry of Domains, services of E-mail, and service for €œraising€ archives Internet (from now on denominated as the €œService€); AND WHEREAS CLAUSE THAT stops to use anyone of the services of AtlassPort the member must read and accept the conditions of this document, Therefore AtlassPort and the member are suitable the following thing:

1. The Service

The Services of AtlassPort include best cheap vps hosting plans but they are not limited the following: and registry of domains, post office MGP and Webmail, certificates of security (rapidSSL) and the ascent of archives through FTP. AtlassPort does not put announcements or banners in the Websites of the members (with the exception of the domains that already have won). The member is entirely responsible for:

i. All the honoraria and/or positions related to the registry of domains and/or renovaci? n of such registry and or renovaci? n lodging plan Web (Web hosting) contracted on an annual or monthly base;

II. Presentaci? n of the payment available on the date due for anyone of our phelp services of AtlassPort; if (s) it counts (s) has (n) a balance of considerable debt, AtlassPort reserves the right to suspend all the associated services of the member until the amount is phelp in their totality;

III. To provide all the equipment and software necessary to establish one conexi? n to the Internet and to use the services offered by AtlassPort, including but not limiting a computer and an m? DEM or l? nea ADSL;

IV. To provide the own access to the Internet and to pay all the associated honoraria to such access.

2. Informaci? n of the Member

In order to be able to use the service, the member must finish an appropriate process of registry. The member agrees:

I. to provide informaci? present personal n, completes and exact (designated as the registry data) as requirement to receive the service;

II. It maintains and it puts to the d? to this informaci? n to maintain it present, completes, and exact. AtlassPort does not sell nor discloses any of the data of the registry to one third person unless:

a. Does the member disclose so informaci voluntarily? n to one third person;

b. Does the member specifically order to AtlassPort to share this informaci? n;

c. Is AtlassPort required to disclose such informaci? n by any applicable law or legal process related to the member

3. Announcements

Can the member choose to exhibit publicity in announcements in its own Website, to condici? n of which the announcements are not of illegal nature, pornogr? fica, or discriminatory. The member can enter correspondence or also participate in the promotions of the Announcers who exhibit announcements or announcements that own other Members of Websites. Any correspondence or participaci? n, including the payment and delivery of products and the services, and any other t? rmino, conditions, garant? ace or the representations associated to such correspondence or participaci? n, being? only between the corresponding member and the announcer. Doesn't AtlassPort assume any obligaci? n or responsibility of any part of such correspondence or participaci? n.

4. Limitations

The services est? n subject to the following limitations:

I. The member decides not to initiate any activity that can crush to the servant with intensive use of the CPU or that requires an out of proportion or desrazonable amount of the resources of the servers of AtlassPort;

II. The member not to include? the content or connections of Internet for the site that can contain, promote, or imply the following one:

a. any infracci? n of copyright, trademarks, patent, commercial secret or other rights of character? stica intellectual;

b. nakedness or pornograf? to infantile;

c. does content that does give? or to nor? smaller you of 18 a? you of the age;

d. hatred propaganda;

e. content racist, of threat, or contained of another abusive way;

f. content that promotes envi? of E-mail not solicitd (also known as Spamming);

g. the shipment of E-mail not solicitd (Spam) from the servers of AtlassPort, or any other that refers to the content in the servant of AtlassPort, or to send such E-mail with a Website lodged in AtlassPort enumerated as direcci? contact n;

h. frauds by email, schemes of comercializaci? n of levels m? ltiples (to pir? it measures) or other fraudulent activities;

i. promoci? n or incitaci? n, or instrucci? n for, comisi? n of illegal activities;

j. informaci? does n either another material that virus contains, corrupted data or another component give? detrimental bear or.

5. Accounts of members, Contrase? to and Security
Did an account and one contrase? they provide to the member when finishing the registry. The member is entirely responsible for:

i. did to maintain privily contrase it? to and the account;

II. All the consequences of propagaci? voluntary n of informaci? did n of contrase it? to and of the account;

III. Anyone and all the activities that happen under the account of Member.

The member decides to notify immediately to AtlassPort of any deprived of authority use of the account of the member or of any other opening of the security that this in knowledge member.

6. Facturaci? n and Cancelaci? n

Required is the warning by E-mail to cancel its service with AtlassPort and there aren't positions by cancelaci? n. No account will be reimbursed spent the 30 days of unconditional guarantee offered by atlassport.

AtlassPort offers to all clients a period of grace of 5 days workable, once spent the date of victory of the offered service. Normally several communications by email electronic to way of reminder, one are sent to the client or two weeks in advance to the victory of their service. Once exhausted the period of grace the account it is suspended automatically by our system. Once expired the service, the client will have to pay the additional sum of RD$300 by reinstallation concept and/or dwells.

In case a domain registered by expires due to lack of payment, the client will not have right to claim some in case AtlassPort or one third person registers this domain. The period of grace for the payment does not apply to renovations of domains.

7. Limitations of the transference data and the space Web

In order to balance the load of our servers who maintain our profitable services for all our members, the limitations of the band width and space Web they are limited an m? ximo of 150GB of 20GB and data transfer of space Web following the type of account of the members. The exempt accounts to be? n required to preestablishment and is created a diverse system of limitations of the band width before receiving the account. The member decides to pay any band width and or on passing them you limit them established of space Web that can happen in their account. The positions to exceed you limit them of the band width are of RD $800.00/2GB/A? or. and of the space of Web it is of RD $700.00/2GB/A? or.

8. Amendments to the agreement

Does the member decide that from time to time this agreement could undergo any amendment or modificaci? n, by AtlassPort. atlassport is not forced to notify to the usuary one on the modifications to this document reason why it is recommended to the member to visit it with the frequency that considers opportune.

9. No representations or garant? ace

Is the service of AtlassPort offered? as it is? , without representations or garant? ace, expressed or implicit of ning? n type. For example:

i. Doesn't AtlassPort do any representaci? n or garant? ace, neither in writing nor of verbal form, with respect the trustworthiness to the proportionate site or to any other offered service;

II. Isn't AtlassPort responsible for the data suppressed (erased), altered, or lost due to the insults of the network or the system, to corrupci? n of the archives, to the accidental erasure, or no other raz? n; Although AtlassPort counts and makes use of systems of endorsement of data, the member is the only person in charge by the security of its data.

III. Doesn't AtlassPort do any representation or garant? to with regard to trustworthiness of the servant, speed or consistency;

IV. Doesn't AtlassPort make any representations, garant? ace or garant? to as far as the exactitude or correcci? n of ning? isn't n contained in anyone of the sites and responsible for any of the errors or omissions that appear so of the use of informaci? n;

v. Can AtlassPort also include, in its resources Web or bulletins of the news, informaci? n provided by the partners of businesses and the suppliers of AtlassPort. Guarantee nor authorizes doesn't the trustworthiness of this informaci? n nor AtlassPort recommend anyone of these services.

10. Limitaci? responsibility n

Isn't AtlassPort responsible for any lack, nor delay or the interruptions in the delivery of ning? contained n or services contained in the servant of AtlassPort; or the p? does rdidas or give them? you that they appear of the use of the content or the services provided by AtlassPort. To way of example and without being excluding:

i. At no AtlassPort moment for har itself? does person in charge to the member by give them? direct, indirect, fortuitous or consequent you, of any problem that appears out of service or in conexi? n with the site or any other service or products provided to the member;

II. The employees of AtlassPort of any way to be? n made responsible by the member or any other person by any p? rdida or lesi? n been from the use of the service or the site;

III. In ning? n AtlassPort moment for being? Does person in charge by any give? or, of no way, as a result of notifying to any civil servant of the potentially illegal content in the site, providing copies of the Website of the member to the appropriate civil servers or by cooperaci? n with agencies of application of the law to locate to the people who distribute content that is illegal or that promotes illegal conduct.

11. Indemnizaci? n

Does the member decide and declares to inoffensive AtlassPort of all the p? does rdidas, give? you, the legal responsibilities, demands, judgments, establishments, fines, costs (costs related reasonable including, quotas, the costs of investigaci? nature n) whatever they are incurred AtlassPort because of:

i. The rupture in this agreement by the member;

II. Any infracci? n of any copyright, trademark, patent, commercial secret or of any other intellectual right of the property of any part by the content in the site;

III. Illegal content, pornogr? fico, or discriminatory in the site.

12. Terminaci? n

The member agrees that AtlassPort can finish this agreement, continue the service and at any time to suppress the site with or without the warning to the member in anyone of the following circumstances:

i. Does the member one violate any t? rmino in this agreement, municipal, provincial or federal laws, or any needed policy, in this site

II. Does the member initiate conduct or presents materials in the site that AtlassPort considers as it gives? inos for other members, to the business of AtlassPort or the one of some third person;

III. Does the member initiate any activity that podr? to crush the servant with intensive use of CPU or that requires an out of proportion amount of the resources of the servers of AtlassPort;

IV. Does the member one dispute the t? rminos in this agreement or any amendment needed by AtlassPort;

v. AtlassPort receives complaints with respect to the member or to the site, of other members or third people.

I saw. Does the member provide informaci? personal n that is not present, exact, or completes.

14. Governing laws

i. If some disposici? would n in this agreement be considered as inv? lida, illegal or inapplicable, the rest of the provisions nevertheless to continue? n in complete force and effect;

II. The lack of AtlassPort to exercise or to make fulfill alg? right n or disposici? n in this agreement not to constitute? a resignation of so straight or disposici? n unless it is recognized and agreed by AtlassPort in writing;

III. Do the member and AtlassPort agree that any cause of acci? does n that appears outside or related to this service have to begin within one (1) a? or despu? s of which present? the cause of acci? n; if no, such cause of acci? n to be? it invalidates permanently.

The t? tulos of secci? is n in this agreement only used for the convenience of the implied parts and take to end any doesn't significaci? legal or contractual n.

POLITICAL ANTISPAM. - (E-mails nonasked for)

The shipment of €œSpam€ (mail nonasked for) from its account in AtlassPort or the use of an email address who is maintained by AtlassPort STRICTLY IS PROHIBITED. For general reference, we considered Spam any mail sent to more than 50 people at the same time without the consent of these people.

AtlassPort S.A. will be the only referee who will be able to determine what constitutes a violation to this provision. The mail €œOpt-In€ is acceptable, as long as it is had an option to remove the participants of the list and these requests of removal are taken care of efficiently.

The shipment of massive e-mail is an operation that consumes numerous resources of processing in the servers and is one of the main reasons of failures in the service of post office. Please it limits the number of post office to send in his account not more than 3.000 post office per day and not more than 200 per hour. In many occasions some clients have tried to send more than 1.000 post office in a single shipment, causing an extreme load in the servers, which causes that other clients cannot accede our services effectively. The Webs or clients who need to send a larger number to 5.000 post office, will have to send their post office between the 6 12A.M and A.M. If you have a greater data base legitimate .de 30.000 post office, we recommended the installation to him of its Web or service in a dedicated servant or a servant Privado Virtual (VPS).

Abuse of our servers
Any attempt to incapacitate or to cause damages to the servers of AtlassPort or in its defect to any client of AtlassPort. strictly it is prohibited. AtlassPort. it will undertake legal actions against the abuses perpetrated against our network or servers.

Suspension of the service
In case a violation to anyone of the terms and conditions takes place, the account of the client could be suspended or be deactivated. AtlassPortse reserves the right to remove any account without the previous news. If AtlassPort deactivates its account to violate the established policies, it will lose the right to demand any return of money automatically and no will be realised. Returns in case of payments in advance for those accounts deactivated by violation to the terms and conditions will not be realised either. The normal policy is to warn the client first and if one second offense takes place, its account will be deactivated. The serious offenses could cause the IMMEDIATE suspension of the service.





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