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Terms and conditions on watch: AtlassPort

AtlassPort is a technology company that provides its services to clients in all the territory of the Dominican Republic and around the world. As company leader in our vps hosting managed sector we have the responsibility to protect each client and to provide to them with the best services available. The following norms have been designed in such a way that we can as much assure the quality our services for all our clients in the present one as in the future.

Norms of content for Web sites lodged in the servers of AtlassPort

All the provided services by AtlassPort only must be used for legal intentions. The transmission, storage or presentation of any type of information that goes in direct or indirect violation with anyone of the federal or state laws of the United States and/or Dominican Republic strictly are prohibited. This includes, without limiting itself material protected by author rights, insulting or slanderous material that we judge as obscene, pirate programs or without license for its use. The client decides to compensate and to exclude from all responsibility AtlassPort.de any claim or resulting penalty the illegal use from our service.

Examples of nonacceptable content (or I connect):

  • Software (programs) Hacked into
  • Illegal archives MP3
  • Programs for hackers or related files
  • Websites of Warez
  • Child pornography
  • Webs with slanderous or libeloso content.

AtlassPort will be the only €œreferee€? who it will determine what action constitutes a violation to this provision and the applicable measures for its correction.

Use of resources
AtlassPort offers to its clients has supported REAL for the resources offered in each of its plans (as much disc space as bandwidth). The limits in both lines are imposed to be able to maintain the quality of the service and the competitive prices that characterize to us. Those accounts that exhaust the contracted amount of bandwidth automatically will be paralyzed by our system. The client can reactivate his Web or moving to a plan that includes major amount of bandwidth or hoping to the next month, when the accountant of bandwidth for all the accounts is reinitiated.

Protection of data
AtlassPort has several safety mechanisms to guarantee the security and reliability of the data of our clients. Nevertheless it is the responsibility of the client to maintain a backup copy of his website, data bases and e-mails to avoid losses of information in case it happens an unfortunate event. To its tranquillity we have systems of endorsement of executed data daily, nevertheless these backup copies could only be recovered in case she is incomplete the information of most of the accounts in the affected servant.

Rooms of Chat
AtlassPort allows its clients to install its own rooms of Chat. Nevertheless, these lie down to cause slowing down in the servant. For these aims we provide in our Control Panel a room of chat based on HTML/cgi that is feasible and it does not affect to the performance of the servant. It can execute his own script of chat, as long as this one does not represent a too great consumption of resources in the servant where this program lodges.

Programs executed in memory
AtlassPort can allow certain clients who execute resident programs in the memory, will allow a program by client under certain conditions. Additional costs could be applied to positions/in case the use of these programs brings with himself some type of flaw and causes slowness or malfuncionamiento in the servant where it resides.

Programmed tasks (Cron Jobs)
AtlassPort allows the use of tasks programmed (Crn Jobs) in the servers as long as these tasks do not slow down of considerable form the servant dosnde are executed.

Service of chat IRC
AtlassPort at the moment does not allow the use of programs IRC or €œrobots IRC€? in its servers.

Periods of delay
AtlassPort will be able to disconnect any inactive connection of its network due to inactivity.


POLITICAL ANTISPAM. - (E-mails nonasked for)

The shipment of €œSpam€? (mail nonasked for) from its account in AtlassPort or the use of an email address who is maintained by AtlassPort STRICTLY IS PROHIBITED. For general reference, we considered Spam any mail sent to more than 50 people at the same time without the consent of these people.

AtlassPort S.A. will be the only referee who will be able to determine what constitutes a violation to this provision. The mail €œOpt-In€? is acceptable, as long as it is had an option to remove the participants of the list and these requests of removal are taken care of efficiently.

The shipment of massive e-mail is an operation that consumes numerous resources of processing in the servers and is one of the main reasons of failures in the service of post office. Please it limits the number of post office to send in his account not more than 3.000 post office per day and not more than 200 per hour. In many occasions some clients have tried to send more than 1.000 post office in a single shipment, causing an extreme load in the servers, which causes that other clients cannot accede our services effectively. The Webs or clients who need to send a larger number to 5.000 post office, will have to send their post office between the 6 12A.M and A.M. If you have a greater data base legitimate .de 30.000 post office, we recommended the installation to him of its Web or service in a dedicated servant or a servant Privado Virtual (VPS).

Policy of collections
AtlassPort offers to all clients a period of grace of 5 days workable, once spent the date of victory of the offered service. Normally several communications by email electronic to way of reminder, one are sent to the client or two weeks in advance to the victory of their service. Once exhausted the period of grace the account it is suspended automatically by our system. Once expired the service, the client will have to pay the additional sum of RD$300 by reinstallation concept and/or dwells.

In case a domain registered by AtlassPort.com expires due to lack of payment, the client will not have right to claim some in case AtlassPort or one third person registers this domain. The period of grace for the payment does not apply to renovations of domains.

Abuse of our servers
Any attempt to incapacitate or to cause damages to the servers of AtlassPort or in its defect to any client of AtlassPort. strictly it is prohibited. AtlassPort. it will undertake legal actions against the abuses perpetrated against our network or servers.

Suspension of the service
In case a violation to anyone of the terms and conditions takes place, the account of the client could be suspended or be deactivated. AtlassPortse reserves the right to remove any account without the previous news. If AtlassPort deactivates its account to violate the established policies, it will lose the right to demand any return of money automatically and no will be realised. Returns in case of payments in advance for those accounts deactivated by violation to the terms and conditions will not be realised either. The normal policy is to warn the client first and if one second offense takes place, its account will be deactivated. The serious offenses could cause the IMMEDIATE suspension of the service.

Policy of privacy
AtlassPort. it respects the privacy of each person who visits our website or she sends e-mails to us. This policy of privacy defines the information that AtlassPort will collect of its clients and how it will use this information.

AtlassPort will not request any type of personal information (for example, its name, direction, telephone or email address) unless you provide it with voluntary form.

Next we presented some examples exceeds when AtlassPort could require some type of personal information:

  • In order to complete an order online of one of our products or services (if it does not wish to complete an order online, we can complete his order by telephone route)
  • In order to do contributor of raffles and/or contests to him promoted by the company.
  • At the time of requesting more information on products or services offered by AtlassPort
If it does not wish that we have its personal information, please it does not send it to us. If it has sent this information and it wishes that we remove to him of our registries, please contact to us using our system of contact. We will do the possible thing to completely eliminate any sign of his information of our archives.

When you facilitate his personal information to us, we could make use of her of the following forms:

  • We could store and process this information to understand better the needs of our clients and to determine how to improve our products and services.
  • We could use this information to contact to him and to inform on new promotions and announcements related to the company and their services to him.
  • We could contact to him if we have some type of doubt or asks on his account

AtlassPort will not share any type of personal information with third people, unless it is specified during the harvesting of the same. We are it jeopardize to as much provide security to him in the handling with the data as in its later use by the company.


Last update: 5 of September of the 2008.


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