Remarketers (Resellers)

We offer the economic and effective form so that its business of lodging can begin Web (also known as Web hosting)

To send its own company of hosting with us is easier than it thinks. We will provide the tools to him that need to handle their business and have supported for their clients.

Our platform on watch provides a fast, stable, safe infrastructure and 100% anonymous one to him offering its own Control Panel to him Cpanel to assure that their clients never know that she resells our services.

We have three plans to remarketers:

Basic Reseller plan:

  • 10 GB of space in disc
  • 100 GB of monthly transference
  • Limitless domains

Investment: RD$6,150 (it includes domain name)

Professional Reserller plan:

  • 20 GB of space in disc
  • 200 GB of monthly transference
  • Limitless domains

Investment: RD$8,500 (it includes domain name)

Advanced Reseller plan:

  • 50 GB of space in disc
  • 1000 GB of monthly transference
  • Limitless domains

Investment: RD$10,500 (it includes domain name)

For greater information, it can call to us or write to us through the contact section.







Frequent questions
Why a website?
What is webhosting?
He is expensive to have a website?
They have some program to handling of virtual stores (e-commerce)?

Plans of
Basic - RD$1,700
Professional - RD$2,900
Advanced - RD$4,800

portals joomla and safe virtual stores

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