Registry of Domains .com

The domain name briefly is the one way street that identifies its website in Internet.

If you wish to buy you name of domain, she must acquire credits to buy domains. Each credit is usable for the registry of a domain .com, .net or .org by a period of (1) a year.

Domains .COM, .NET and .ORG

USD$15.99/RD$600 x 1 year

Domain to register
Domains COM.DO, NET.DO, WEB.DO, EDU.DO, ORG.DO, ART.DO, ORG.DO, SLD.DO USD$56/RD$2,100 x2 years
Domain to register
Domains .DO USD$115/RD$4,400 x2 years
Domain to register

Registry of domains .do, .com .do, .net .do, .org .do, etc€¦

We realise the registry of domains with extension .do and its derivatives. This type of domains is useful if he wishes to identify his company as Dominican or if the .com domain that wishes for its project is occupied. We offer:

  • Domains .DO (domain root of general use)

  • Domains .COM.DO (Commerces and companies of all type)

  • Domains .NET.DO (Suppliers of services (ISP)

  • Domains .ORG.DO (churches and institutions for charity)

  • Domains .GOB.DO (governmental Institutions)

The cost of procedure of these local domains is of RD$2,200 by two years. And unlike the traditional .com domains that are registered in less than one hour, the registry of these domains is registered in 48 hours workable.

Special considerations for the registry of local domains (.do)

  • The period of registry for the registry of domains .DO is of 48 hours workable and is subject to availability of the domain at issue. If the domain is not available will notify the client to him so that it comes to choose another one of his preference.

  • It must send the data of person that will act as the administrative contact of the domain (proprietor) otherwise to make agile the process is registered to our name. This does not mean that the holder loses his right ones on the same and the owner of the domain can ask for us that we put it to its name when he wishes it.

  • Names will not be registered that can infringe commercial or right brands of author.

Thanks to prefer to us!

Ing. Luis G. Pichardo




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