Policy of Privacy - (It completes revision: December of the 2010)

In the exercise to serve their clients, atlassport.COM acquires, it keeps and it transmits information and communications that the clients can consider as private or confidential. Some of these information, such as the name of the client, direction, phone number, are trusting to atlassport.COM by their clients to be able to use their services. Another information as the state of the account of the client, selected product categories and names or identification of the user, is created and maintained by atlassport.COM in the normal course of its activity. atlassport.COM also uses cookies, which are small pieces of information that a webpage can store in a file designated in a computer of a user for several reasons. For example, atlassport.COM uses cookies in the emitting pages of sold products on line for which the recording of the data of the client in the Order of order is indispensable. This information is transacted an internal person of sales so that it additionally records it in a data base within atlassport.COM, atlassport.COM can keep the e-mail from the Client if it creates necessary using it for the communication of incidences in the order of order, notifications of the service and shipment of invoices.

Security of the data

atlassport.COM will protect the confidentiality of the information of the clients, countable information and personal communications until the maximum degree of protection in agreement with the effective legislation and the interests of atlassport.COM, their Resellers, its employees and other clients of the services of atlassport.COM. In order to protect against the loss, evil use or alteration of that is collected by the clients, atlassport.COM has physical means and procedures, electronic and of management to do it.

How used is the information of the Client?

atlassport.COM can use information of clients to provide with information on improvements or changes to them in products. Additionally, atlassport.COM could share their information on visits to their webpage oinformación on visits to webpages in atlassport.COM to one third part.

Spreading of the information of the client
atlassport.COM will not be able to disclose personal information of the Client or his account unless atlassport.COM creates necessary disclosing this information to identify, to put themselves in touch or to take legal actions against whatever it was interfering in the rights of atlassport.COM, the clients of atlassport.COM or others, or unless the law or some Legal Authority required the spreading of the information. atlassport.COM will not be able to disclose, except for the mentioned reasons previously, to third parts the contents of e-mail or any other electronic communication that atlassport.COM could keep or transmit their clients. The circumstances by which atlassport.COM could disclose this information are when:

  • It is necessary to provide the service;
  • It is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of atlassport.COM or their clients;
  • It is required to cooperate in some legal process;
  • It is necessary to provide to a Legal Authority when the contents fail to fulfill the effective norm. atlassport.COM rejects any intention to censure, to publish or to review or to watch the communications kept or transmitted through their resources over clients and/or others. atlassport.COM anyway, will review, it will erase or block the access to the communications that can affect to atlassport.COM, their clients or third parts. The arguments on which atlassport.COM can take action such, include, but the terms and conditions of use of the services offered by atlassport.COM are not limited violations in the Agreement on

This document was modified and published in December of the 2010 and annuls all the previous documents to the present regarding the Policies of Privacy of atlassport.

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