cheap vps server hostingOn us is a portal supplier of solutions oriented to the Internet world. Located physically in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but with the capacity to offer services of excellent quality to everybody Spanish speaker.

We offer the following services:

AtlassPort bases its efficiency on the extensive use of the automatization technology and on the eficientización of the processes. This allows us to offer vps hosting low cost without sacrificing the quality of the service. However, always we strived to never lose our characteristic human touch, that hand friend that always we offered to orient a client when initiating a new project, when installing a program or when fighting with a molestoso error in his website.


To provide integral solutions Web to a right price that satisfy the needs with our present and potential clients.


To turn us into the standard of quality for the other companies of services Web in Dominican Republic and the rest of Hispano-America.


  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Security
  • Rapidity
  • Kindness

A little historyۦ

Unlike other companies, created with the only objective to generate profit, AtlassPort is an initiative born from the love by science, the technology and the investigation. From his beginnings it has been a firm bet to the creativity, the inventiveness and the incorporation of the new technologies and the benefits that Internet offers to apply them to our society.

atlassport is born at conceptual level €œquasi€? in 1999 under the name from €œFlextek Solutions€?, when its founder and only proprietor, the Ing. Luis Pichardo still attended its studies of engineering of Computer systems in the Universidad APEC of Santo Domingo. In those times, when as soon as that magical and intriguing world was known that today is practically omnipresent and that we know as Internet, decides to investigate thorough on the operation of €œthe network of networks€? and puts its knowledge on approval designing his first commercial websites for small companies.

In 2005, also motivated by the exploration of the operation of the servers and the platforms of lodging (Web hosting) it decides to enter in the business of the lodging Web, being registered present domain atlassport.COM and of this form it begins to offer the service of lodging Web under the remarketer modality.

The time has happened and we have been improving our technical platform remarkably, having at present dedicated servers, as well as it has improved our capacity to offer to solutions of design and programming Web, counting on the experience of hundreds of works carried out and satisfied clients.

We create firmly in which the development of the Web will be continuous and certainly everything aims at that it will even have a greater importance to the one than it has at present. The access to the network of networks no longer is a luxury, is a NECESSITY. The companies that do not have presence online in next the five years could be considered as obsolete.

It allows that we help him to modernize its company and to comprise of that bright future and plenty of opportunities.

It orders the development of his website with us!

Ing. Luis G. Pichardo

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