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Five passages for an effective presence in the Web

Our ample developing experience of websites has made us notice how the development of a website can be uncomfortable and even intimidating for some people, generally those that have few knowledge on the subject.

The reality is that the development of a website is a process simple and easy to follow. As long as ordinate is realised of form, as we detailed next:


STEP 1: It chooses and it registers the domain name:

First we must define what is a domain name. A domain name (or simply domain) is the direction that will have its site in Internet. She is what the people will have to write in their navigator to arrive at their site. She consists of two parts: the name and the extension. For example, our domain ( is made up of the name €œatlassport€ and the extension €œ.com€.

It must spend time to the election of his domain, since this it is of permanent character. It must choose a name that is short but easy to remember. It avoids to use numbers, scripts and abbreviations, since this will cause that their name is difficult to remember by their potential visitors. We have created an entrance in our blog with a series of valuable advice at the time of choosing his name of domain.

Before registering the domain it is necessary that our tool of verification verifies its availability using, in the initial page of our Web. Once it confirms the availability of his domain, it can happen to the following step.

STEP 2: It orders his account of lodging (hosting) with us.

Of what hosting consists or lodging Web? This talks about simply to the space that you contract in our servant so that its website can be visible in the Web the 24 hours, the 365 days of the year.

But, What is a servant? A servant is simply a computer or connected computer to Internet the 24 hours, that especially are equipped and formed to lodge and to manage websites, data bases and/or e-mail. When you contract one of our plans, are as if she was renting a hotel room to lodge his website (And one of 5 stars modesty aside).

For their comfort, all our plans of lodging totally include the registry of a name of domain .com or .net free. Of this form it only must worry about a single payment and a single date victory for his plan.

What plan of lodging to choose?

The election of its plan will depend fundamentally on the amount of space that needs for its webpage, for lso e-mails and the amount of visitors who project to receive monthly.

STEP 3: It creates a conceptual design of his site and compiles the information for the same.

This at first seems complicated, but it is not but that to define which is the intention and reaches of its website.

  • How many will sections have my website? (Home, We, Services, Contact, etc.)
  • Desire to have animations flash? (they incur additional costs generally)
  • What information, photos and videos I will include in my Web?

Once it has all the material, it can come to contact stops us

STEP 4: Definitive design of its website.

Of this part we were in charge. Our raw material is the conceptual design, along with the other materials that will comprise of their website.

STEP 5: It promotes his website

The promotion plays a vital role in the success of any website. A website can be of excellent quality, but nobody visits it is as if it did not exist.




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