Certificates of Security (certificates SSL)

certificates of security SSL in Dominican republicIn the virtual world, always an element of doubt when sending exists or receiving personal or financial information.

A great percentage of users of the Web leaves the Webs when it is requested to them to introduce some de dato personal type simply because the Web at issue was not safe. The best form to avoid this type of situations is qualifying a certificate SSL encriptar all the information sent from and towards its website.

What is a certificate of security SSL?

The Digital Certificates, also known as certificates SSL (acronym of Secure Socket Layer) are the standard technological mechanism to establish communications encriptados between a Web server and a navigator. The SSL allows that all the data interchanged between the client and the servant stay complete and they cannot be deciphered.

Why it has to count on a security certificate?

The digital certificate is the way simplest to fight the majority of the fraudulent transactions in Internet and mainly to offer to confidence to the client or user since not only it encripta the data shared between the client and the servant, but also ratifies that you are the one who really claim to be!

What we offer to him?

With our certificates of security you obtain:

  • Force of 256-bit encryption
  • Recognized by 99,5% of the navigators Web.
  • Maxima economy, can acquire our certificates from US$50 to the year.
  • Gratuitous seal of verification!

Put yourself in touch with us and allow us to assure his website!



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